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 The Application Process
October 2011

The planning application process, including both pre and post application matters, can be a confusing time if you have no previous experience.  Rob Duncan Planning Consultancy offers guidance and assistance to help you achieve the best from the process and deliver high quality developments. 


Following initial site appraisals it is often advisable to undertake pre-application discussions with the Local Authority.  The application will follow on from those discussions (assuming they prove positive), and the 8 week (13 weeks for major developments) process commences.  Within this period the Council will consult with local residents and various departments before coming to a decision to approve or refuse the application.  If approved there will often be planning conditions which require additional information to be submitted, and if refused there may be scope for an appeal.


Rob Duncan Planning Consultancy can assist you in every step of the process.  If you have a parcel of land or property you wish to develop contact us for an initial free discussion.

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