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Change of Use of Industrial Unit to Childrens Nursery
July 2011
Rob Duncan Planning Consultancy has recently assisted a prominent Children's Nursery in Aldridge, Walsall with their expansion plans.  The Nursery operates from an existing industrial building, albeit on a modest scale.  Rob Duncan Planning Consultancy was instructed to assist with an application to increase the number of children that could be cared for at the nursery, and in turn increase the amount of designated industrial floorspace being used as a Nursery.  This came at a time when the Council concerned has recently adopted its Core Strategy which re-affirmed the desire to safeguard designated industrial areas from such uses. 
Rob Duncan Planning Consultancy put forward a case that there was a strong local need for this use, that there were no sequentially preferable locations available, and that the employment which would be generated by the use would be in excess of that which could be expected to be generated had the site remained in industrial use.  The application was presented before the Council's Planning Committee and was unamimously approved.
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